The Reaver with a message

You are the fire // Forever changing, yeah
You are the reaver // Forever taking the toll

you roll away it’s gotta be a freaking community
it’s got to be rocking it’s got to be part of you and (me)

Pay little sister // Don’t try little sister // Don’t stray.

Call us Mr Schizophrenia, but we’re Hochi and East, we bring in the mania

Pot, rocks and crack we don’t need none of that
Taking big bites out of life getting fat
Pay checks, bringing next generation specs
Tackling the cycle of pops, what did you expect?

Art is not a craft, unbendable by demand
Though you try to break it
These people look at money, while we look past it
Then they pass judgement not knowing what the past is

You can sit and judge any part of me
But you need to count to ten before you say anything about me
Stop that! We will never ever support that!
You got that?!

Background voice:
You are the fire // You are the reaver
You are the tired // We are the change

You are the fire // You are the reaver
You are the tired // We are the change


Rap one:
Look back // Burnt trails is all you see
Step back // The future lives in you and me
Take that // we fight until no steam
Live, fight // for true reality

Rap two:
Ain't no introduction // This is a sequel
Killing the pop cycle // Making it a prequel
Trash heaps topped off
Making all of the manager heads pop off

The Reaver


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