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Long story short:

1) This is not just about music.

2) We believe that music should give people something intangible, kick start them to do better in whatever they do and give them a sense of community. Not enslave them to try to live a model of life that is not possible for everyone to live and therefore dooming them to be forever unhappy. We want you to take your life somewhere, not live someone else's.

3) Music is expression and the value of expression can not be described by any amount of cash. If you support our project and have the means, you may donate, we will give it all we got regardless.

Short story long:

Hochi and East started working together back in 2008. Back then we played in a band playing something like metal. Then after that was over we founded our own band that lasted a couple of years. There we rocked it with a bit of a poppy style and some electro influence. But as the band aged it did not seem to get better as a whole, so we decided to regroup and form our very own racket. And so Hochi and East was born. Since then we have been on a music mission. But music is not just a lone bubble floating around in the universe and we understand that.

It is a platform, a vehicle, we use it to express what needs to be said and more specifically reflect our actions though it. We actually don’t embrace the terms “music business” or “music industry” because we really don’t want to be burdened by business. People tell us from time to time that we need to think smarter and not just give what we can sell, but we are not letting up on our ideals. Simply put, we create music, not business. We will spend our time on making our tunes awesome and making them mean something rather then figuring out how to turn a profit. If you like our stuff simply donate, if you don’t have the cash to do so, you are welcome just to listen for free and share with your friends. If you think the price tag on things determines its quality, you are at the wrong place. Wether you donate or not does not make you a better or worse person, remember: money made or spend does not translate directly to the worth of a person! Hochi and East over and out.

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